Bed in a box mattress is a trend nowadays, and many companies have their hybrid mattresses in the market which they claim to be the best mattresses, and one of these is Purple. Purple has taken part in this race of hybrid mattresses in 2016 with the slogan of ‘The World’s First No-Pressure Mattress’ and has thrived in the bed in a box business since then.

purple 3 mattress

Their first original purple mattress was a hit in no time with its striking advertisements, exceptional feel. It patented purple gel that made the purple ruling in the mattress industry and kept it. The Purple owners hold more or less thirty patents on sleep technology to their name, which adds up to their fame.

Purple produces the most comfortable mattresses in the US that have exceptional pressure relief and body support.  Purple has now boasted many other high-end and more comfortable mattress products, amongst which most of the mattresses use the same innovative grid, and Purple 3 is their best so far.

Purple 3, otherwise known as purple hybrid premier 3, uses their patented hyperplastic polymer to give the most amazing comfort with a perfect combination of hard and soft feel. Purple 3 mattress is amongst the top hybrid mattress in the US with the latest technology.

Who This Mattress is Perfect For

  • Purple 3 mattress is designed to give a perfect balance of coziness and support and is ideal for back sleepers.
  • Purple 3 mattress is incorporated with the latest cooling technology, making it an ideal choice for hot sleepers.
  • Purple 3 mattress also works best for heavyweight side sleepers as it does not buildup pressure around their shoulders.
  • Purple 3 is best for people who want a responsive mattress with the most comfortable feel.
  • It is also perfect for people who tend to change their sleeping positions while sleeping.

All About the Purple 3 Mattress

purple 3 mattress

Purple has gained tremendous success over the years with its original Purple mattress that has uncommon but super soft hyper-elastic polymer on the cover. The purple three mattresses are an excellent hybrid mattress constructed in three layers of structure with high-quality materials.

The Purple 3 mattress is one of the top-notch mattress products from The Purple that is a combination of coils, soft foam, and hyper-elastic polymer that lies in the category of lavish and comfy hybrid mattresses.

It gives the perfect comfort with the thick purple layer of gel grid and the purple patented hyper-elastic polymer that given the purple mattress its unique and most comfortable feel. Moreover, the purple three mattresses give support wherever needed by the body, making it perfect for back sleeping.

It is the perfect choice for people who are suffering from lower back pain as this alleviates pressure relief, thus reduces your pain. Purple 3 mattress is designed so that it distributes body weight evenly and adapts to your body, giving maximum pressure relief and support.

Purple 3 mattress is rated as 6 to 7 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, making it a medium-firm mattress. Along with back sleepers, the purple three mattresses also give the right amount of support to heavy side sleepers giving them thorough going pressure relief around their shoulders only if they move positions frequently during the night.

It’s not ideal for stomach sleepers because a medium-firm mattress and sleeping on the stomach require a softer and plush comfort layer and a laxer sleeping surface. For average to heavyweight sleepers, purple three mattresses are best for those with shoulder and neck pain as it gives cushioning feel with the right amount of firmness.


  • Mattress Type: Innerspring
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Mattress Height: 13 inches
  • Warranty: Risk-free, 100-night trial with free shipping & setup, 10-year warranty

Digging In

Purple 3 mattress is one of the leading mattresses from the purple brand. Purple 3 mattress is created in a multilayer structure with purple patented purple grid foam and hyperelastic polyfoam. All the materials used in the purple three mattress construction are of high quality and give proper support and pressure relief.

Below, we outline the following factors of this mattress: construction and composition, feel and firmness, durability and edge support, motion transfer, temperature, and noise.

Purple 3 mattress is created in a three-layer structure with cover, comfort layer, and support layer.

The purple three mattresses have a stretch max cover, which is a soft and adaptable material, and it also allows the mattress to be cool and comfortable.

The purple three mattresses offer 3 inches of purple grid material, which is made up of hyper-elastic gel polymer to make the mattress firm and more supportive as pressure is applied on it. Underneath this, there is an additional 1 inch of poly foam for extra pressure relief.

The final layer is designed to give perfect support to your body and is made up of 7.5 inches of innerspring to give the bouncy and supportive feel.

The purple three mattresses have a 6.5 rating on the firmness scale, based on many purple three mattress reviews. This rating makes it a medium-firm mattress that felt more like on the bed than in the bed. Sleeping on a Purple three mattress gives you the unique feel of firmness and softness depending on the sleepers’ position. It feels more supportive and firm for back sleepers and more push and soft feeling for side sleepers.

Purple is known for its high-quality materials, and the Purple 3 mattress is no exception and can last for up to 10 years. The purple three mattress offers incredible solidity on the edges, and sitting or lying on the edges gives negligible drooping on the mattress.

purple 3 mattress

The purple three mattress offers perfect bounce with the innerspring coil technology that makes it super responsive. Regardless of being bouncy, motion isolation on the purple three mattresses is quite impressive. Movements on one side of the mattress do not create a disturbance on the other side.

Purple 3 mattress is amongst the best mattress with perfect temperature regulation. Its top layer has been designed in a grid formation that allows maximum airflow throughout the mattress to prevent heat blocking. Additionally, the hyper-elastic polymer itself is a neutral material that does not hold heat, unlike any other foam.

Purple 3 mattress is an innerspring hybrid mattress design, so noticing some screeching from the coils can be expected. However, it does not produce any evident noise when moving across the mattress.

Pros and Cons of the Purple 3 Mattress

purple 3 mattress

Like with every one of the best mattresses, as contrasted with similar product choices, there will be benefits as well as drawbacks. The Purple 3 Mattress are no different than the rest of them, regardless of material construction, price point, and more. 

If we failed to review this mattress option from every perspective, we would have been neglectful in our unbiased purpose here at Mattress Reviewer. The following are a few of the discovered pros and cons associated with the Purple 3 Mattress.

  • Purple 3 mattress has dual cooling material, a hyper-elastic polyfoam, and a Purple grid design, making it ideal for hot sleepers.
  • Purple 3 mattress gives perfect support and incredible pressure relief with its amazing latest purple grid technology.
  • Purple 3 mattress is highly responsive and bouncy, which is a great thing for people who change positions very often during the night.
  • Purple 3 mattress offers incredible support on the edges that minimize the risk of rolling down if you prefer to sleep on the edges.
  • Purple has the longest warranty of 10 years.
  • Purple 3 mattress offers a full refund without any shipping cost if it does not suit you.
  • Purple 3 mattress does not emit any off-gassing, which is very common for bed in box mattresses.
  • Purple 3 has a 100-night sleep trial, which gives peace of mind to many shoppers.
  • Purple 3 mattress is comparatively high in price, so it would not be a good choice for some shoppers.
  • The purple three mattress offers a firmer sleeping surface and might not be a good choice for people who want their mattresses to be the softest.
  • Purple 3 mattress is more towards heavy mattresses, and moving them around would be a tough task.
  • Purple 3 mattress is not suitable for stomach sleepers as it has a firm sleeping surface.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Purple 3 Mattress

We would be remiss if we failed to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about this mattress in our Purple 3 Mattress Reviews. For this reason, below are a few answers in our FAQ.

No, the purple three mattresses cannot be flipped as it is designed with a multilayer structure and the top layer gel grid should be on top and support layers on the base.

The coils and get grid used in Purple three mattress construction add up to the mattress’s life, and with all this high-quality material, it should last for at least ten years.

Yes, The foams used in the creation of the Purple 3 mattress is CertiPUR-US certified that meant these are made without ozone depleters, heavy metals.

The hyperelastic polymer is a gel-like material that feels squishy, stretchy, and extremely comfortable used in all Purple mattresses.

You can always get a hyper-elastic polymer sample before pulling the trigger on the mattress if you feel unsure about the gel-like material.

The purple three mattresses weigh from 91 pounds to 175 pounds depending upon the size of the mattress.

Wrapping Up Our Purple 3 Mattress Reviews

purple 3 mattress

Purple 3 mattress is high quality and one of the leading hybrid mattresses offered by the purple company. The purple mattress uses their patent hyper-elastic polymer, and grid design and the purple three mattresses are no exception. The purple three mattress’s multilayer structure of super stretchy and plush cover is a breathable material.

The purple grid design right under the cover gives super support and the most incredible pressure relief throughout the body. The cooling technology used in the purple three mattresses is super-efficient, and the purple grid design and the innerspring in the base layers allow maximum airflow.

The foam used in the construction does not block heat. Other attributes of the purple three mattresses like excellent edge support, exceptionally minimal noise and outstanding motion isolation adds up to its popularity and fame amongst the customers.

While the Purple 3 Mattress is a great choice for the best mattress, it’s always good to have alternatives. This is especially true when you spend close to 1/3rd of your life prone on this product. As such, below are a few alternative options.

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