Nectar Mattress Review: Honest 2023 Mattress Reviews

Welcome to our Nectar Mattress review! Nectar Sleep has become a household name with its wide range of mattresses and bedding products. Their top-selling mattress is the Nectar Mattress. It’s constructed from three layers. The memory foam comfort layer contours to your body, giving the mattress a medium-firm feel (6 out of 10 on the firmness scale).

With 12 inches of thickness, you can expect plenty of comfort and support when you sleep on this mattress.

nectar mattress review

The Nectar Mattress is a great option for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Its memory foam comfort layer gives it that signature body-hug feel, cradling your body for a more restful night’s sleep.

Plus, the mattress offers excellent motion isolation, which reduces disturbances from your partner if you’re sharing the bed. Pressure points in the shoulders, lower back, and hips won’t be an issue either, as the foam evenly contours your body.

Nectar Sleep offers two other mattresses, the Nectar Premier and Nectar Premier Copper. Both mattresses measure 13 and 14 inches respectively, with a medium-firm feel of 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

If you’re interested in learning more about this mattress before making your decision, our Nectar Mattress review offers an in-depth look at its cost, construction, and performance. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if it’s right for you. After all, that’s what we do here at Mattress Reviewer!

Fast Facts on the Nectar Mattress

  • Latest Pricing: Twin $359.00, Twin XL $569.00, Full $599.00, Queen $699.00, King $899.00, California King $946.05.
  • Mattress Type: Gel memory foam fill material with a pillow top.
  • Bed Dimensions (King): 80″ long, 76″ wide, 12″ thick.

Quick Notes and Considerations

The Nectar Mattress is ideal for side sleepers, couples, people who weigh up to 230 pounds, and those looking for value.

That said, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. It may trap too much body heat for those who tend to sleep hot, and it might be too firm for lightweight sleepers. Additionally, if you don’t like the “hugging” feeling of memory foam, you probably won’t find this mattress comfortable either.

Nectar Mattress Review Ratings (Out Of 10)

One thing we at Mattress Reviewer like to do is compare the tested and reviewed mattresses against the other mattresses that we inspect for this website. There are six things that we are specifically looking for in our ratings: isolation of motion, ease of movement, temperature control, relief from pressure, off-gassing from unpacking, and the support level of the edges of the bed. Below are the ratings for the Nectar Mattress.

  • Isolation of Motion: 9/10 – ★★★★★★★★★☆
  • Ease of Movement: 5/10 – ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
  • Temperature Control: 6/10 – ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
  • Relief from Pressure: 8/10 – ★★★★★★★★☆☆
  • Off-Gassing from Unpacking: 5/10 – ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
  • Support Level of Bed Edges: 7/10 – ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Isolation of Motion (9/10)

Thanks to its foam layers, the Nectar Mattress excels at motion isolation compared to other mattress types.

Whenever someone adjusts their sleep position or has to get in and out of bed, the foam absorbs any movement. This means that you shouldn’t be disrupted by your sleep partner’s movements. And not only is the mattress great at motion isolation, but it’s totally silent too!

Ease of Movement (5/10)

Moving around on the Nectar Mattress is not always easy. The somewhat slow response of memory foam can make it difficult to change positions or move across its surface without sinking too far in. However, those who weigh below 130 pounds should fare considerably better.

Heavier sleepers, however, may battle with this issue. This is common among all-foam mattresses. In this regard, the Nectar Mattress earns a relatively average rating.

Temperature Control (6/10)

The foam layers of the Nectar Mattress unfortunately can absorb and trap body heat. This makes it feel overly warm for many people in bed. This is especially true for those who normally run hot, along with back and stomach sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds. This is due to the fact that they tend to sink into the mattress more.

However, this mattress offers better temperature regulation than many competing memory foam models. Cooling gel is infused within the comfort layer to draw heat away from the body, and the mattress cover is quite breathable. Those who typically find foam mattresses too warm may be pleasantly surprised with this model.

Relief from Pressure (8/10)

The Nectar Mattress should provide excellent pressure relief to those who weigh 230 pounds or less. Memory foam works to conform to the body and cushion shoulders and hips, as well as align the spine. This can decrease pressure for side sleepers. Other layers help provide flat, even support for back and stomach sleepers in this weight range.

For those who weigh over 230 pounds, side sleepers can find the mattress comfortable due to its memory foam composition. However, those over the weight range may find it a bit too soft and sink too deeply around their midsection. This can lead to added pressure in sensitive areas for back and stomach sleepers.

Off-Gassing from Unpacking (5/10)

Foam layers in mattresses, like the Nectar Mattress, can often release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are tiny particles that produce a noticeable chemical odor. Though considered relatively harmless, these smells can be unpleasant and sometimes overpowering.

While all-foam beds typically have higher VOC emissions, the Nectar Mattress emits less off-gassing odor. The odor should dissipate within 24 to 72 hours after it’s been unboxed.

Support Level of Bed Edges (7/10)

Edge support is a strong point for the Nectar Mattress, rising above similarly constructed competitors. Sleepers may notice some noticeable sinkage when near the edge or getting in and out of bed. However, its medium-firm feel can help prevent excessive loss of support like what’s seen on softer foam mattresses.

Couples may find less reinforcement during sex, limiting them to the middle area of the mattress. Those weighing over 230 pounds are likely to sink too much when sitting on the perimeter. But other sleepers should not experience as many issues related to edge support.

Bed Performance by Body Weight and Sleep Style

At Mattress Reviewer, we like to ensure an unbiased review for anyone and everyone. This includes a variety of body weights and sleep styles. In the below analysis, we break mattress users into sleep styles (side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers). We then further break things down by weight categories (under 130lbs, 130lbs to 230lbs, and over 230lbs).

Nectar Mattress Review for Side Sleepers

The Nectar Mattress is an all-foam design that we have rated as medium firm. This makes it a suitable mattress for most side sleepers across weight groups. The 2-inch memory foam layer provides even contouring from head to toe and helps ensure spinal alignment.

Our tests indicate that those who weigh 130 pounds or above will find it the most comfortable. This is because they are able to sink more deeply into the mattress for cradling pressure relief. Those who weigh less than 130 pounds may not find the Nectar Mattress firm enough. Lighter-side sleepers typically prefer something a bit softer.

Nectar Mattress Review for Back Sleepers

The medium firm feel of the Nectar Mattress makes it an ideal choice for back sleepers up to 230 pounds. The transitional and support layers should help maintain an even surface with minimal sagging around the body. This provides good alignment and support while relieving pressure in sensitive areas.

For individuals who weigh more than 230 pounds, there is a risk of inadequate reinforcement. This can cause them to sink too deeply in between the shoulders and hips, leading to aches and pains in those spots. In this situation, back sleepers may want to look for a firmer mattress that can keep them adequately supported.

Nectar Mattress Review for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers typically prefer less contouring and more support from their mattress. The Nectar Mattress is comparatively firm, which should be enough to support stomach sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds. However, those who weigh more will likely sink too deeply. This can lead to aches and pains in the long term. Those heavier stomach sleepers may need a firmer mattress than the Nectar Mattress for optimal comfort.

Nectar Mattress Structural Breakdown

The Nectar Mattress features a 2-inch comfort layer made of memory foam for contouring, with cooling gel for a cooler night’s sleep. There is also a 3-inch transitional layer of soft polyfoam beneath the memory foam. This works to provide extra reinforcement and prevent excessive sinkage. The support core consists of a 7-inch layer of high-density polyfoam that stabilizes the mattress as a whole. The medium firm (6) feel also means this mattress won’t hug the body as closely as softer mattresses might.

The Nectar Mattress has a 12-inch profile and is wrapped in a robust blend of polyester, nylon, and polyethylene. The circular knit fabric provides a soft hand feel, while its nylon composition makes the material tear resistant.

Sizing and Weight

  • Twin: The twin-size Nectar Mattress is 38″ wide, 75″ long, and 12″ thick. It weighs 40 pounds.
  • Twin XL: The extra-long twin-size Nectar Mattress is 38″ wide, 80″ long, and 12″ thick. It weighs 42 pounds.
  • Full: The full-size Nectar Mattress is 54″ wide, 75″ long, and 12″ thick. It weighs 55 pounds.
  • Queen: The queen-size Nectar Mattress is 60″ wide, 80″ long, and 12″ thick. It weighs 66 pounds.
  • King: The king-size Nectar Mattress is 76″ wide, 80″ long, and 12″ thick. It weighs 84 pounds.
  • California King: The California KingNectar Mattress is 72″ wide, 84″ long, and 12″ thick. It weighs 83 pounds.
  • Split King: The split-king Nectar Mattresses are essentially two Twin XL mattresses above.

Additional Information about the Nectar Mattress

In addition to the above Nectar Mattress review, there is some extra information that is important to know before purchasing. That includes warranties, sleep trials, availability, shipping information, value-added services, and more.

Product Availability and Where to Buy

The Nectar Mattress is available through a variety of retailers including Nectar Sleep’s online store and They are also available at more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar stores throughout the US. Some don’t have quick access to a Nectar store or don’t want to deal with the in-person store process. If so, we recommend grabbing your mattress through a convenient online service like Amazon, available here.

How the Mattress Ships

Nectar Sleep will ship the mattress and other products to all 50 states. Customers in the contiguous U.S. will benefit from free ground shipping. Those in Alaska and Hawaii must pay an additional delivery charge of $150 per item. Nectar Sleep does not deliver to US territories or international destinations.

The mattress is compressed, wrapped in plastic, and shipped in a box for ground delivery. After it arrives on your doorstep, simply carry it to the room where you plan to use it, open the box, cut away the plastic with a knife, and watch it immediately begin to expand. Note that full shape recovery may take up to 72 hours.

Sleep Trial

Nectar Sleep offers a 365-night sleep trial, which is significantly longer than other competitors. Ensure you test out the mattress for at least 30 nights in order to break it in properly and assess its comfort level. After 30 nights have elapsed, you can return the mattress for a full refund – free of charge for those in the contiguous U.S.

Exchanges during the trial period are also allowed. Complete the return process for the original mattress before purchasing a replacement model.

Value-Added Services

Nectar offers White Glove delivery for a flat fee of $149 – including full assembly in a room of your choice and the removal of one old mattress. An extra charge of $49 will apply for each additional item to be removed, such as a box spring. Customers in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are subject to additional fees due to state recycling laws.

Additionally, Nectar provides mattress financing options via Affirm – more info can be found on their website.

Warranty Information

Nectar Sleep offers a lifetime warranty for the mattress, with no prorated coverage. During the first 10 years, defective mattresses will be replaced without any extra charge to the owner. After 10 years, either replacement or repair and re-covering is available for an additional $100 fee that covers round-trip transportation expenses. This is waived if the defect is identified as such.

Sagging or body impressions measuring at least 1.5 inches beneath the surface would be considered a defect under this warranty, as well as physical flaws that cause premature foam layer deterioration and defects related to the cover assembly. Physical damage or normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty and therefore don’t qualify for repair or replacement from Nectar Sleep.

Please note that this non-transferable warranty can only be claimed by original owners who bought their mattresses directly from Nectar Sleep or an authorized retailer.

Nectar Mattress Review: Our Final Thoughts

The Nectar mattress is a popular bed-in-a-box option that offers a comfortable and supportive sleep surface at an affordable price point. It is made with multiple layers of foam. This includes gel-infused memory foam, designed to contour your body and relieve pressure points.

The Nectar also features a quilted memory foam cover. This serves to add an extra layer of softness and comfort. It has a medium-firm feel, suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions. Also, the foam layers work together to provide excellent motion isolation, making it a good choice for couples. The Nectar mattress comes with a generous 365-night trial period and a lifetime warranty. Finally, it has received high marks from customers for its comfort, quality, and value.

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