Purchasing a fresh mattress is among the most significant investments you’ll ever make for your house. And that is why you should make sure that your investment gives you a comfortable and durable mattress. But, which mattress would be the best among thousands of mattress options? The answer to your question might be the Level Sleep Mattress.

level sleep mattress review

Level Sleep is a well-known sleeping accessory and mattress company centered in the United States, first established in 2015. All Level Sleep Business products are intended to ensure spinal relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance the ultimate standard of sleep.

The Level Company has dedicated a decade to creating and monitoring the Level Sleep mattress. It contains a Triple Support zoned design that is developed to provide excellent lumbar assistance. The full-foam mattress utilizes this proprietary TriSupport layout to ensure tailored comfort and lightness. To achieve it, this mattress includes three ranges, each containing a unique hardness. However, the average hardness of this mattress is at level 5.

The development of the Level Sleep mattress makes it the ideal option for mixed sleepers and people who want to alleviate back discomfort. Overall, the Level Sleep mattress is the best out there.

Who This Mattress is Perfect For

The Level Sleep Mattresses are a perfect choice for:

  • Mixed sleepers who are searching for the best mattress.
  • People are looking for the right mattress for arthritis and back discomfort.
  • Those who are normally hot sleepers.
  • Back sleepers who wish to alleviate backside pains and to align their spines.
  • Stomach sleepers who want to buy a soft mattress.
  • Side sleepers who require assistance and stress relief with keeping their head and hips relaxed.
  • Those individuals who require a high standard and durable mattress.

All About the Level Sleep Mattress

level sleep mattress review

The Level Sleep Company has always believed in the best quality materials. That is why all the products produced by Level Sleep are extraordinarily exceptional and of a high standard. Their main aim is customer satisfaction, and this motto has helped them succeed in the mattress-making industry.

The Level Sleep Hybrid Mattress includes a comfortable sheet of strong resilience polyfoam, assisted by a secondary polyfoam sheet, categorized into levels. Each level has a specific firmness that is distinctive. The upper and lower sides of the mattress are comfortable, making it ideal for all types of sleepers. This soft-feel guarantees that the head, back, and legs are held comfortably. This mattress is developed to relieve stress and help in body coordination to enhance your sleeping experience and daytime productivity. Each portion of this mattress is designed so that it works great with the human body. For instance, the head side is soft while the lower back is a bit firm for coordination.

The best thing about the Level Sleep Hybrid Mattress is that it is eco-friendly and free of toxic chemicals. The mattress foam is CertiPUR-US certified, indicating that it is pretty healthy and has no adverse effects on your health. From box spring to floor type, the mattress operates with all bed types. Also, they offer free delivery that is quite rare.

The Level Sleep Mattress is outstanding when it comes to performance. Whether it is edge support or motion transfer, all the sheets of the mattress operate interestingly. It is quite durable and offers a lifetime warranty. A free trial is also offered so that clients can be satisfied. All these features contribute to the success of the Level Sleep Company.

If we talk about the price, the Level Sleep Mattress is extremely reasonable considering its warranty and high-quality materials. Sales and discount offers are also available on special occasions, which is great.


  • Mattress Type: Foam Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Mattress Height: 11 inches
  • Warranty: Risk-free, 365-night trial with free shipping & setup, Lifetime warranty

Digging In

level sleep mattress

The Level Sleep Mattress is all about the high value for a full-foam layout. It is available in six regular sizes of mattresses. Furthermore, the Level Sleep Foam Hybrid Mattress measures 11 inches in thickness and is, therefore, a moderate-profile layout. This mattress reserves some foundation layer assistance to provide enough room for relaxation and transitional parts.

Below, we outline the following factors of this mattress: construction and composition, feel and firmness, durability and edge support, motion transfer, temperature, and noise.

The Level Sleep Foam Hybrid Mattress is quite durable. The cover is comfortable and lightweight and does not substantially alter the general vibe of the mattress. Moreover, the Level Sleep comfortable layer contains 1″ of foam that helps in relieving stress.

The foam is assisted by 3″ triple assistance zoned foam, providing three distinct strengths (gentle, firm, and mild-firm). The neck region is softer, and the stress over the shoulders gets reduced. The lower back region is solid and provides you adequate back relief. The mild-firm lower zone helps your hip bones to settle back. Furthermore, the zoned structure is primarily designed to alleviate back pain. After this, the mattress is assisted by 7″ of a regular core polyfoam.

The Level Sleep Mattress offers a different and balanced feel because of the zoned central sheet. For easy cradling, the foam includes a relatively gentle vibe to the feet and neck. Additionally, the central two regions are slightly firmer for additional assistance to the spinal column and hips. Polyfoam appears to be flexible than foam padding, and so it adds a slight bouncing to this foam hybrid mattress.

The Level Sleep mattress is composed of high-quality foams that can be used for many years. The lifetime guarantee of this mattress indicates the faith of the business in the item’s longevity.

With a stiffer center of the mattress, it feels quite comfortable while lying in this region. It also depends on the weight. Lighter-weight individuals feel safer, while heavier ones may feel less secure. But overall, this hybrid foam mattress offers outstanding edge support.

level sleep mattress review

The movement transfer on this mattress is impressive due to the zoned architecture. The gentler portions tolerate movement a little more than the stiffer parts. It manages motion transfer effectively. It is an excellent mattress for spouses who don’t like getting bothered by their mate’s motions.

Although the Level Sleep Mattress does store a little heat, it still helps to sleep colder than most other all-foam types. It is polyfoam constructed, which appears to be quite absorbent than foam padding. Additionally, zoning reduces sinkage within the second sheet of the hybrid mattress, so ventilation at the ground stage may help move away from excessive warmth.

Most people get irritated by the noises coming from the mattresses. However, Level Sleep Company has tried its best to make its customers happy. So, this mattress makes no noises at all. Most hybrid mattresses make noises but, this full-foam hybrid mattress is an exception.

Pros and Cons of the Level Sleep Mattress

level sleep mattress review

Like with every one of the best mattresses, as contrasted with similar product choices, there will be benefits as well as drawbacks. The Level Sleep Mattress are no different than the rest of them, regardless of material construction, price point, and more. 

If we failed to review this mattress option from every perspective, we would have been neglectful in our unbiased purpose here at Mattress Reviewer. The following are a few of the discovered pros and cons associated with the Level Sleep Mattress.

  • Level Sleep Foam Hybrid Mattress is CertiPUR-US approved, which implies that it is eco-friendly and is composed of non-toxic materials.
  • It is long-lasting because of the use of high-standard materials.
  • This mattress makes no noise, which is a great benefit for people who get irritated by mattress noises.
  • It is quite cooler than other foam hybrid mattresses.
  • Level Sleep Company offers a lifetime warranty of this mattress with free delivery within the United States.
  • The Company also offers a 365-day free trial to satisfy the clients.
  • It alleviates back and shoulder pain and takes all the stress away because of its zoned construction.
  • This mattress gives out pretty cool and relaxing vibes.
  • It is ideal for all kinds of sleepers as well as for couples.
  • It provides ventilation to give a cooling effect to the sleeper.
  • It makes the body so comfortable that it sinks in the mattress completely, giving an energetic day ahead.

The Level Sleep Mattress has a few cons as well, which are listed next:

  • This mattress releases an off-gassing odor at the time of unpackaging that can feel quite bad. It is due to the foam.
  • This mattress is not ideal for heavy-weight people as they will not feel safe concerning edge support.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Leesa Mattress

We would be remiss if we failed to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about this mattress in our Level Sleep Mattress Reviews. For this reason, below are a few answers in our FAQ.

The Level Sleep Foam Hybrid mattress works best when positioned on a foundation or a bed set. Complete set-up can aid in optimum ventilation and uncomplicated cleaning.

Level Sleep Mattress can be found on the Level Sleep Company’s official website. However, it is not accessible on Amazon and eBay. The business manages a storefront in Sonoma. Before entering this place, buyers must schedule an appointment through email.

The covering of the Level Sleep mattress incorporates a synthetic combination. This combination includes four-way stretching innovation designed to wick humidity away. Since this material is narrow, it doesn’t change the comfort of the mattress underneath it.

Yes, the Level Sleep Company offers a pleasant 365-night sleeping trial. It even arrives with a lifetime guarantee and free delivery.

Wrapping Up Our Level Sleep Mattress Reviews

level sleep mattress review

The Level Sleep mattress aims to minimize the discomfort from resting over an outdated bed or choosing the inappropriate mattress. In reality, it guarantees that it could do the job of a dosage of paracetamol or a podiatrist.

If your core is comfortable within a natural pose, you probably won’t mess around too much while searching for the appropriate position. Evidence suggests that it would decrease pressure by approximately 56 percent, shifting and moving by almost 35 percent, and exhaustion by about 43 percent the day after. If you are dealing with back problems, your main priority would likely be the spinal relief that is outstandingly provided by Level Sleep mattress.

Although this mattress’s surface assistance and ventilation features are the obvious benefits, the revolutionary nature of the mattress-3 distinct firmness ranges throughout the length to hold the backbone balanced-has satisfied us that the Level Sleep is undoubtedly among the finest mattresses in the industry for back discomfort.

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While the Level Sleep Mattress is a great choice for the best mattress, it’s always good to have alternatives. This is especially true when you spend close to 1/3rd of your life prone on this product. As such, below are a few alternative options.

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