In the ancient days, people usually turn over their mattresses for prolonged use. Still, the technology and designs have been changed in present times, and old mattresses have been replaced by new hybrid mattresses, which are the most popular and common now. These hybrid mattresses are created in a multilayer design of support layers, transition layers, and comfort layers to provide maximum support to your body according to your sleeping habits.

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These multilayer structures have typically been created as one-sided, which means they cannot be flipped. However, idle sleep came into the business of bed in a box mattress retailers in 2017, with a unique idea of introducing a hybrid mattress that can be turned over.

They have successfully created and launched their distinctive mattress, in the category of hybrid mattresses, with the latest technologies and multilayer structure that can be used on both sides, idle Hybrid Mattress. Idle mattress hybrid, just like any other hybrid mattress, has multiple layers of foams and pocketed coils.

Still, it is specifically designed to give maximum support to sleepers’ bodies on both sides. The idle hybrid mattress has become one of the leading hybrid mattresses since the beginning and is very popular amongst customers.

Who This Mattress is Perfect For

Despite being a reversible model, the idle hybrid mattress provides utmost support to your body and is ideal for certain sleepers.

  • It is ideal for back sleepers as it gives a maximum sense of balance and support to the body with its firmness.
  • Idle mattress hybrid also works well for the stomach sleepers as they need their body to be supported more than any sleeping position, and Idle mattress hybrid provides just the support they need
  • The sleepers who want their mattress to be firmer than average should go for Idle mattress hybrid as it’s one side is more firm and gives maximum pushback support.

All About the Idle Mattress

idle mattress

Idle Mattress hybrid is one of the best and high-quality mattresses in the market of hybrid mattresses. It is a choice of many shoppers and flagship of idle sleep, which have made themselves one of the top manufacturers of hybrid mattresses in a very short period.

As the Idle Mattress hybrid is a reversible design, so both of its top and bottom are created with the same exterior and are comfortable to sleep. The idle mattress’s, top and bottom layers are created with their transition and soft polyfoam. The core layer, in between, is made up of 6 inches of coil spring for maximum support.

The idle mattress hybrid offers two firmness levels to their customers in one mattress i-e medium-firm and firm, as one of its sides is rated as six on the firmness scale and another one is rated as 8. Customers can go for any firmness level and soft-touch they require according to their body need and support.

The idle mattress hybrid is comparatively expensive than other hybrid mattresses in the market, but it is worth spending money on as it offers two firmness levels in one mattress. Idle sleep mattress is also a great choice for those who want to want long term investment in their mattresses.

Idle sleep mattress can last longer than any other hybrid mattress with its double-sided sleeping surface. Despite being a flippable mattress, the idle mattress hybrid gives perfect balance and support to certain sleepers with utmost comfort. Back and stomach sleepers can get thorough upkeep throughout their body. People who weigh less than 130 lbs might feel scared on the idle mattress hybrid. The idle mattress hybrid has a thickness of 13 inches and gives more relaxing sleep.


  • Mattress Type: Innerspring
  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Mattress Height: 14 inches
  • Warranty: Risk-free, 548-night trial with free shipping & setup, Lifetime warranty

Digging In

The idle mattress hybrid combines the latest hybrid mattress design and an old rescindable mattress and can be used on both sides with two firmness options. It has been created with a multilayer structure, just like any other hybrid mattress. It has all the high-end quality materials and awesome creation; let’s dig into more details of the mattress in an idle mattress review.

Below, we outline the following factors of this mattress: construction and composition, feel and firmness, durability and edge support, motion transfer, temperature, and noise.

Idle mattress hybrid is constructed in multilayers. Instead of using memory foam, Idle sleep has used their Idle cooling buoyancy foam and high-quality plush cover on both sides with individually wrapped coils better support on both sides.

The cover is soft and is made up of thermocool fabric and quilted with 1″ of Idle contouring foam. Underneath the cover, there are 2″ buoyancy foam. After that 1″ foam transition layer. The middle layer of the Idle mattress hybrid is consist of 6″ of pocketed coils to provide support on both sides of the sleeping surface as the Idle mattress hybrid is flappable, so the bottom layer is the same as the top layer of buoyancy foam and thermocool fabric.

Idle sleep hybrid mattress is firmer than average and gives a decent amount of pressure relief on both sides. The idle mattress hybrid is two firmness options and rated 6 and 8 on the firmness scale with the medium-firm and more firm sides, respectively.

Back sleepers would find it perfect with the outstanding support and plush cover. Sleeping on the stomach is also much comfortable on the idle mattress hybrid as the buoyancy foam and pocketed coils give the perfect neutral position to your spinal cord.

Just like any other mattress, the durability of the Idle sleep hybrid mattress depends upon its use and care; however, being a flippable mattress, it has chances of surviving longer than any other mattress. The idle mattress can be turned over to prevent sagging and premature gouges. The edge support of the Idle mattress hybrid is not so good as we can feel the mattress’s collapsing when sitting on edges. Lying on the edges of the idle sleep mattress might bring upon the risk of falling.

idle mattress

Whenever someone wants to buy a mattress, they would want to consider some key features, and motion transfer is one of those, especially for light sleepers who want their mattresses to keep movement isolated. However, the idle mattress hybrid has many other features but detaching a movement is not the highlight of the mattress as we can see some disturbance on the other side of the mattress when someone moves on one side.

The cover of the idle sleep hybrid mattress uses thermocool fabric for temperature regulation, and it has this cover on both sides of the mattress to allow maximum airflow. The idle sleep hybrid mattress does not isolate heat and lets the sleeper sleep cool.

The Idle mattress hybrid noises are minimal; we can hear some squeaking occasionally, but the pocketed coils are comparatively quite than other mattresses.

Pros and Cons of the Idle Mattress

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Like with every one of the best mattresses, as contrasted with similar product choices, there will be benefits as well as drawbacks. The Idle Mattress are no different than the rest of them, regardless of material construction, price point, and more. 

If we failed to review this mattress option from every perspective, we would have been neglectful in our unbiased purpose here at Mattress Reviewer. The following are a few of the discovered pros and cons associated with the Idle Mattress.

  • The idle sleep hybrid mattress is a flippable hybrid mattress design, which is quite rare nowadays.
  • With its reversible feature, the idle mattress hybrid offers two firmness levels, which means you can get two types of mattresses for the price of one.
  • The idle mattress hybrid is created with buoyancy foam instead of memory foam, giving more responsiveness and a bouncy effect, and maximum support to your body.
  • The idle sleep hybrid mattress has numerous cooling constituents, so it does not block heat and is a cool mattress.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty that adds up to its awesome features.
  • The idle mattress hybrid comes with an unusually long sleeping trial of 18 months and can be returned for a full refund if it does not suit you.
  • The idle mattress hybrid has a comparatively high price than other hybrid mattresses.
  • The idle mattress hybrid does not offer the best edge support.
  • The idle sleep mattress does not isolate movements on the mattress to the maximum, and slight disruptions can be felt, disturbing light sleepers.
  • The idle sleep mattress is not a good option for lightweight sleepers as it is thicker.
  • The idle sleep mattress hybrid is not a good choice for side sleepers as it is a firmer mattress, and they can feel more pressure around their shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Idle Mattress

We would be remiss if we failed to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about this mattress in our Idle Mattress Reviews. For this reason, below are a few answers in our FAQ.

The life of the mattress depends upon the use and weight we put on the mattress. Idle sleep mattress has a flippable design and high-quality material to last for up to 1 year with proper care

People with backaches must sleep on a more firm mattress, and the idle sleep hybrid mattress has been rated as more than an average firm mattress that one needs to relieve one’s back pain. So, the idle mattress hybrid is a good choice to sleep on to reduce our back pain.

The idle mattress hybrid can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous US, but they do not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, or international destinations.

The idle mattress hybrid is directly shipped to the customer at their doorsteps and can be received within ten working days. However, white glove delivery might take some time, depending upon the availability of the driver.

Wrapping Up Our Idle Mattress Reviews

idle mattress

The idle mattress hybrid is one of the leading hybrid mattresses in the market that can be used on both sides with the same soft and plush surface. Both of its sides provide the softcover and medium to above average firmness level. Having thermocool fabricated cover and pressure-relieving buoyancy foam with thousands of pocketed coils, the idle mattress hybrid aims to provide maximum support and pushback feel to the certain type of sleepers.

It also is ideal for people with back pain as it gives the exact firmness to minimize this pain. The lifetime warranty and longest sleep trial of 18 months give the shoppers peace of mind to invest in the idle mattress hybrid. Sleeping on the Idle mattress hybrid can be stated as rolls Royce of comfort as it provides the sleepers with the perfect good night sleep they want after one hectic day.

While the Idle Mattress is a great choice for the best mattress, it’s always good to have alternatives. This is especially true when you spend close to 1/3rd of your life prone on this product. As such, below are a few alternative options.

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