The bed in a box mattress has become extremely popular and widespread because of its incredible features. Many companies have stepped into manufacturing bed in a box mattresses since its introduction. Brooklyn bedding is also one of the very few companies that have been in the business of bed in a box mattress since the beginning and made a reputed place in the market and a name amongst the customers.

brooklyn bedding bowery

Hybrid mattresses are usually of high cost, but Brooklyn bedding is famous for its budget-friendly hybrid mattresses. The main reason for this is the Brooklyn bedding’s in-house development and manufacturing unit. All of their Brooklyn bedding mattresses are handcrafted in their manufacturing unit, which cut down the middlemen’s cost, hence providing reasonably priced hybrid mattresses to the customer. 

Despite being comparatively low priced, the Brooklyn bedding produces high-quality hybrid mattresses and never compromises on quality. If any sleeper wants a quality mattress without costing an arm and leg, then Brooklyn bedding mattress is the one they need as this is their most affordable mattress.

The Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress is amongst the market-leading hybrid mattresses that provide the utmost support and pressure relief to the sleepers. Due to the comfort it provides and the economical price, it has fast grown to become one of the favorite mattress for the general public.

Who This Mattress is Perfect For

  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress is ideal for people who want a high-quality mattress at an affordable price.
  • The Brooklyn bedding is perfect for light and medium weight side sleepers.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress is perfect for people who want a foam mattress but don’t want to sink in the mattress.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress is ideal for people who change their positions frequently.

All About the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress

brooklyn bedding bowery

Brooklyn bedding is one of the well-known and reputed mattress brands famous for making high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. The Brooklyn bedding mattress is their most selling and most budget-friendly mattress available in two versions an all memory foam and a hybrid version that has got a layer of coils underneath the memory foam layer. The Brooklyn bedding mattress’s foam version is constructed with multiple layers of foam.

The Brooklyn bedding mattress’s all-foam version has a firmness level of 6 on the firmness scale below the industry’s average firm mattress, thus making it a soft mattress. The support and pressure-relieving are not excellent in the Brooklyn bedding mattress for back sleepers. They might feel like getting into the bed more than required, which can put the spine in a pretty bad alignment.

However, the Brooklyn bedding mattress is best for side sleeping as the sleeper would find the perfect soft sleeping surface without getting pressure around the shoulders and lower body. Like back sleepers, stomach sleepers would not find it a perfect match as stomach sleeping on the Brooklynn bedding would put the spinal cord out of the alignment and create pressure around the upper body.

The sleepers’ weight is the key factor that should be kept in view for lying on the Brooklynn bedding mattress. Average weight back and stomach sleepers who are in between 130lbs to 230lbs might not find it a good supportive mattress. Side sleepers would get perfect support and zero pressure around their body while lying on the mattress. The Brooklynn bedding mattress is not a fantastic match for heavyweight sleepers of over 230lbs. Lightweight stomach and back sleepers would find adequate pressure relief and support, but the side sleepers would find it a perfect fit for them.


  • Mattress Type: Foam Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Mattress Height: 10 inches
  • Warranty: Risk-free, 120-night trial with free shipping & setup, 10-year warranty

Digging In

The Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress is the most favorite and most economical mattress from Brooklyn bedding, amongst the leading and well-reputed brands in the mattress industry. The Brooklyn bedding mattress has got incredible features and attributes. Let us dive into the details of all of these amazing characteristics.

Below, we outline the following factors of this mattress: construction and composition, feel and firmness, durability and edge support, motion transfer, temperature, and noise.

The cover of the Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress is thin and breathable, which is soft and stretchy. The comfort layer has consisted of 3 inches of Energex foam, which is as soft as memory foam but more responsive and bouncy than that and lets the sleeper be on the foam rather than getting stuck in it.

Underneath this, there is a layer of 2 inches thick transitional comfort foam. The final layer is made up of high-density foam, which is 5 inches thick. This layer makes the mattress sturdy and provides the mattress’s overall support by being the base layer of the Brooklyn bedding mattress.

The Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress is an all-foam mattress, giving a soft and plushy feel but with excellent responsiveness, good bounce, and non-sinking properties. The thin cover of the Brooklyn bedding mattress lets the sleeper interact with the comfort layers and feel the softness of t of the Energex foam. The Brooklyn bedding mattress is more on the mattresses’ soft side and is rated as softer than a medium-firm mattress.

The Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress comprises high-quality foams that are layered in a perfect design to give sturdy support. However, it is not a great mattress in durability but is better than any other all-foam mattress. The edge support of the Brooklyn bedding is not as great, and it might collapse over time with excessive lying and sitting on the edges. Still, there are minimal chances of falling off the edges of the mattress.

brooklyn bedding bowery

The motion transfer of the Brooklyn bedding mattress is average. It absorbs enough movements as it is made up of foams only, but along with this, it is the highly responsive and bouncy mattress that transfers movements from one side of the mattress to the other.

Being an all-foam mattress, the Brooklyn bedding mattress can tend to absorb all the heat, but its breathable cover and Energex foam make it a pretty cool mattress. The Energex foam is an open-celled foam that allows airflow through the mattress, thus preventing it from being a heat block.

The Brooklyn bedding mattress is made up of all foams material, and not a single coil is used in its creation that is responsible for making noises in the mattress. So, it does not produce any noise, or it is too low that it can hardly be noticed.

Pros and Cons of the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress

brooklyn bedding bowery

Like with every one of the best mattresses, as contrasted with similar product choices, there will be benefits as well as drawbacks. The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress are no different than the rest of them, regardless of material construction, price point, and more. 

If we failed to review this mattress option from every perspective, we would have been neglectful in our unbiased purpose here at Mattress Reviewer. The following are a few of the discovered pros and cons associated with the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress.

  • The Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress is backed up by a renowned and reputable brand that has developed high confidence.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress is available in hybrid as well as all foam models.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress comes at an incredibly affordable price compared to others in the market and is a great value for the price.
  • The Brooklyn bedding is a medium-firm mattress that provides utmost support to the back sleeper’s spinal cord.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress is super cool as the open-celled foam allows ample airflow through the mattress.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress emits the off-gassing, but it fades away within hours.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress is very soft and bouncy, and moving over the mattress is easy, and it does not let the sleeper sink in it.
  • The Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress does not provide support and adequate pressure relief to stomach and side sleepers.
  • Average and heavyweight sleepers might sink into the Brooklyn bedding mattress that puts pressure on core body parts.
  • Although the Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress is an all-foam mattress. it does not provide the cuddling feel that another foam mattress provides
  • The Brooklyn bedding Bowery mattress comes with a limited warranty of 10 years that might concern many shoppers.
  • The Brooklyn bedding mattress’s foam construction does not have a strengthened perimeter, and edges might collapse on excessive use.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress

We would be remiss if we failed to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about this mattress in our Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress Reviews. For this reason, below are a few answers in our FAQ.

Yes, The Brooklyn bedding mattress is incredibly good, especially for those who want a supportive mattress without the coils being used in the construction. While it does have some pros and cons, like any product does, the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a suitable choice if you are after comfort

No, the Brooklyn bedding mattress cannot be turned over as it is created in the layers’ design structure of multiple foams. The bottom layer is a hard base, so flipping the mattress would leave you to sleep on the hard surface instead of the soft and plush top layer.

The Brooklyn bedding mattress can be returned within 120 days if it does not suit your preferences. The Brooklyn bedding would usually ask to collaborate with some charity, and they can pick up the mattress for donation. As soon as the donation is made, the customer can claim a refund from the company.

Yes, the Brooklyn bedding mattress can be shipped and returned for free of cost to those who live inside the neighboring US.

Yes, the Brooklyn bedding also sells the pillows, sheets, and a power regulating base.

Wrapping Up Our Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress

brooklyn bedding bowery

The Brooklyn bedding mattress is retailed by Brooklyn bedding, a reputable name in the mattress industry, and is popular for producing high-quality mattresses. The Brooklyn bedding is a sought after and one of the leading foam mattress in the market. The Brooklyn bedding is constructed with three foam layers and designed to give super support and pressure relief.

Brooklynn bedding mattress is six on the firmness scale, which makes it a soft model. The back sleepers would find the mattress a perfect match for them as it provides super support and pressure relief. The mattress’s open-celled foam layers let the airflow through the mattress and make it a cool mattress unlike any other foam mattress and a perfect fit for the people who want to sleep cool and have likings of a foam mattress. The other attributes of the Brooklyn bedding mattress are also unbelievable, making it one of the top mattresses.

While the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress is a great choice for the best mattress, it’s always good to have alternatives. This is especially true when you spend close to 1/3rd of your life prone on this product. As such, below are a few alternative options.

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